Dry Shallots

Currently very appreciated by Quebecers, dry shallots were barely known in Québec 20 years ago, when Delfland started growing them for American clients. This vegetable, then a novelty in the province, now holds a respectable place in Québec meals.

Dry shallot: Delfland’s signature

Often confused with the onion, the dry shallot distinguishes itself by its taste, elongated shape, and bulbs. Its sweet and delicious taste and its texture, both tender (when cooked) and crisp (when raw), make dry shallot an indispensable vegetable, greatly appreciated by chefs as well as every day cooks. The famous Flank steak with shallots makes it popular. Grown at Delfland for many years, great expertise has been developed, thanks to much research. The dry shallot has become Delfland’s signature.

20 years of expertise

Every step is important in the production of dry shallots. Many years were necessary to master the culture of this vegetable, and it remains in constant evolution. Shallots are harvested in August and September. Then they are stored in a ventilated and climate-controlled environment, which offers the best conditions, and ensures the constant availability and good quality of the product all year round until the next harvest.

The innovative packaging prolongs the shelf life of dry shallots. Their shelf life is longer when they are stored in a cool and dry environment.

It is our sales and marketing partner, Vegpro International that sells our dry shallots under the Attitude Fraîche brand. They are available all year round.

Our formats

350 g
3 lb
40 x 1 lb
8 x 5 lb
4 x 10 lb
40 lb